The PRIME Awards returns in 2020 to celebrate and recognise excellence in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry.

Spanning 16 awards across marketing, sales and public relations as well as healthcare professional and patient-focused categories, there is sure to be one to showcase your hard work!

Entries will open in April with winners to be announced in September.


Mylan My Business Health – Mylan & Digitas Health (WINNER)

Big Data Driven HCP / Patient Comms – Novartis & Swordfish Media / Redfox Med Comms

The Migraine Movement – Novartis & Cube

The launch of Maviret in Australia: A new direct acting antiviral to treat Hepatitis C – AbbVie & Palin Communications

Making Lung Cancer a Fair Fight: A Blueprint for Reform – Lung Foundation Australia, AstraZeneca & LIFE Agency (WINNER)

REFRAME Osteoporosis – Amgen (WINNER)


FFS! We’re losing our patients – Lung Foundation Australia, AstraZeneca & LIFE Agency

GIVE A S#!T ABOUT YOUR BOWEL – Bowel Cancer Australia, Cox Inall Change & BWM Dentsu

Championing Change – Seqirus & Vivacity Health

HIV in Podcast – Gilead Sciences & Oxford PharmaGenesis

“Broadening the Evidence”: Advocating a greater role for Australian patients in decisions about medicine reimbursement – Bristol-Myers Squibb, Palin Communications & Biointelect (WINNER)

The turd we deserve – Proctor & Gamble with McCann Health (WINNER)

Zoladex: The Great Wall of Undies – AstraZeneca & McCann Health (WINNER)

Orencia Chat Rheum – Bristol-Myers Squibb & Ward6

JINARC Exhibition Stand – Otsuka Australia & Designer Rice

Neulasta Walnut – Amgen & Ward6

Mylan PrEP – Mylan & Digitas Health

simGP Pain Management Workshops – Hahn Healthcare (WINNER)

Shining the light on Vitamin D – Sanofi

My Health Record – Blended training initiative – Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, Australian Digital Health Agency & Pulse Learning Australasia

Parkinsounds – harnessing auditory stimulation to improve the quality of life for Australians with Parkinson’s disease – TEVA Pharma Australia & Princeton Digital

Know Duodopa – AbbVie & McCann Health

DeloitteASSIST – Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation, Prince of Wales Hospital & Deloitte (WINNER)

Wellbean support for patients with chronic kidney disease – Amgen & Partizan Health

Nucala Patient Support Program – GlaxoSmithKline & Aesir Health

Servier (WINNER)





Seremind Launch – Menarini

Influvac Tetra 2019 Launch – Mylan & Digitas Health

Biktarvy – Gilead Sciences & Ward6 (WINNER)

Maviret Launch – AbbVie

What’s Keeping You Awake? – MSD & Orchard

Neulasta – Cracking conventions to help cancer patients live longer – Amgen & Ward6

Biktarvy “The Beauty of What’s Possible” – Gilead Sciences & Ward6 (WINNER)

Mega MS MoA – Biogen & Orchard

Lucentis Moving Ahead App (Unbranded) – Novartis & McCann Health

AccessPLUS – Australian Doctor Group (WINNER)

MS Research Australia (HIGHLY COMMENDED)

EndoActive (WINNER)

The Movember Foundation

Generation Next

Rebecca Ramsay – Amgen

Joseph Maroun – Biogen

Francesca Sutton – Biogen (WINNER)

Cherie Walford – Biogen (HIGHLY COMMENDED)

Mylan Business Coaches – Mylan & Digitas Health (HIGHLY COMMENDED)

Otsuka Specialty Team – Nephrology – Otsuka & FarmaForce (WINNER)

Primary Care Sales Team – AbbVie & Hahn Healthcare

SmartSight Patient Support Program – Bayer & Atlantis Healthcare (HIGHLY COMMENDED)

Lung Cancer Stigma Campaign – Lung Foundation Australia, AstraZeneca & LIFE Agency (WINNER)

Advocacy and Information Campaign for Women & Girls with Endometriosis – EndoActive




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