Malcolm Dawes

Malcolm Dawes – Sales

The Most Sought-After Authority On People Performance And Effectiveness
As an advisor for senior executives who are responsible for producing high-performing teams, Malcolm transforms work teams into a top-notch group of professionals who work together, not against each other.

Malcolm moved to Australia from the UK in 2000 with Quintiles & Innovex. As Head of Training (and a member of the Executive Management Team) for Australia/New Zealand he managed and delivered a major project across 14 countries in Asia.

In 2003 Malcolm returned to the UK to set up dta there and established a number of Blue Chip companies as his clients. Later returning to Australia to become Managing Director of dta WORLDWIDE and in 2008 he purchased the company.

For over 30 years, Malcolm has experienced first-hand the struggles that executives face with accelerating the performance of their teams. He has been engaged as a performance expert by large multinational companies around the world as well as many small and medium businesses.
In his new book Team Performance: Why Can’t We All Get Along? Malcolm dispels 10 myths that many senior executives have about unlocking the true potential of their teams. He highlights the core issues of human nature and shows how understanding behaviours as a leader and coworker is the key to team success.

Malcolm is passionate about helping businesses find the elusive answers to their people issues and will guide your company to its most successful team performance and effectiveness.

Laurie Guthrie

Laurie Guthrie – Marketing

Laurie Guthrie has worked in marketing and communications in the higher education and healthcare sectors in both Canada and Australia for over 10 years. Her focus has been on developing content and digital campaign strategy for pharmaceutical companies, healthcare publishers and research institutes in medicine and health. Laurie currently is the Marketing and Communications Manager for the Medicine and Health portfolio at the University of Sydney, where she focuses on not only student recruitment campaigns, but also showcasing research impact and raising the international profiles for the areas of allied health, dentistry, medicine, nursing, pharmacy and public health.

Andrew Hosking

Andrew Hosking – Marketing

Andrew has been Managing Director of Go To Wo Consulting since 1994, a full strategic graphic design and web/interactive based company. In 2003, he created a specialised communications company – et al health communications, offering a broad cross-section of services from design, marketing, medical writing and training through to CPD programs for the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and healthcare industries.

With over 25 years industry experience working on a variety of HIV, cancer, respiratory and neurology portfolios, Andrew has carved a niche market offering a unique, personalised service backed by a team of industry professionals.

With the adoption of product-specific research and market segmentation to position products and services, he finds strategic analysis and integration essential to address the current industry environment.

Darren Magick

Darren Magick – Marketing

Darren is Head of Strategy at Commune Digital, a leading digital health consultancy active in Australia, Singapore and Ho Chi Minh. Darren is also Chief Executive Officer of Welio, a virtual care platform co-developed with Microsoft launching to Australian GPs nationwide.

Darren has spent 20 years in health communications spanning pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, over-the-counter, public health and non-governmental categories with 10 of those years-based Japan, Singapore and China. Working with leading health multinationals on domestic and international brand strategy and launch programs for both primary and speciality care with a focus on both healthcare professional advertising and promotions and medical communications.

A regular speaker on digital health communications Darren brings real insight into global multichannel marketing trends in healthcare.

Gary Prince

Gary Prince – Sales

Gary Prince is a leading authority on sales team effectiveness, practice, coaching and marketing strategy implementation.

Gary leads the long-established company, 4Sight RSD, where they work closely with their pharmaceutical client practice to identify and prioritise how and where their customer-facing teams can improve their day to day effectiveness. Focusing on where clients can gain market advantage and accelerate their campaign or launch strategy to full speed, 4Sight projects have contributed to many successful brands over the past 9 years, driving market leadership and rapid uptake of new products. 4Sight initiatives invariably include real doctor input, providing detailed insight as to what they expect, where the client can improve and on how best to build a productive and sustainable engagement with them. 4Sight is the most experienced company in Australia delivering sophisticated sales practice, simulation and execution workshops for pharmaceutical companies.

Having worked in and for the industry in commercial and leadership roles, Gary has a wealth of real-world experience and pragmatism to draw upon to support his clients.

Rachel Barry

Rachel Barry – Public Relations

Rachel is a passionate communicator, specialising in media and brand strategy, issues and crisis planning and management and executive positioning. Her experience spans healthcare, corporate, technology, consumer, B2B, not-for-profit, government, regional issues and community consultation.

Rachel has worked in a range of environments across Australia’s PR landscape, from a boutique agency in the nation’s capital, specialising in Government Relations, to the country’s largest PR agencies.

Her healthcare experience includes working with leading Australian health organisations, including the Heart Foundation and DrinkWise.

In 2019 Rachel was the recipient of two awards, CommsCon PR Professional of the Year and B&T 30 Under 30 PR Professional.

Brad Bennett

Brad Bennett – Marketing

Brad is the Executive Strategy & Analytics Director at MercerBell. He has more than 15 years’ experience in communications and digital, based in New York and Sydney.

Brad started his career in banking at JP Morgan. He worked at a start-up in Manhattan during the first dot com boom, and then moved to insurance consulting during the bust. Seeing the emerging opportunities in social media, Brad moved to crisis communications in 2004, and then on to interactive marketing agencies. Brad has worked with brands such as Google, ANZ, AstraZeneca, Roche, GSK, Cartier and Lexus.

Outside the agency Brad runs Jiamini, a charity that provides educational resources for orphans in southern Tanzania. He also plays a bit of music and races classic motorcycles.

Anthony Bonnici

Anthony Bonnici – Sales

Anthony is Managing Director of Move Mountains and anthonybonnici.com. Prior to starting Move Mountains, he worked for 13 years at Eli Lilly pharmaceuticals, starting as a sales representative age 21 and moving up the corporate ladder into sales management, senior marketing & people leadership roles. In 2004, Anthony made the life decision to leave the pharmaceutical world and focus on his passion of motivating & inspiring others.

Anthony started Move Mountains in January 2005, helping companies motivate their staff to perform at a higher level and to build stronger team bonds. in just over 13 years, he has worked with tens of thousands of people across 5 continents and a broad spectrum of industries. Anthony has worked with most of the major global pharmaceutical companies and has also worked with other blue chip companies including the CBA, Woolworths, McDonalds, AMP, Westpac & Sony. Move Mountains has programs ranging from 1 hour to 1 week, all aimed at improving what we do and how we do it.

Alex Gosman

Alex Gosman – Public Relations

A long-term Canberra resident, Alex had had extensive policy development and advocacy over 35 years including leadership of several industry associations, and executive positions with Ericsson Australia and GlaxoSmithKline. In prior roles, he was responsible for industry policy development in Federal Government agencies.

He has successfully led many key advocacy campaigns ranging from a review of Australia’s technical infrastructure and the allocation of mobile spectrum. As Director responsible for GSK’s interaction with Government Alex led teams involved in the timely reimbursement of several drug and vaccine products. Alex also chaired a number of committees of Medicines Australia.

Most recently Alex was the CEO of the Australian Industry Greenhouse Network representing major sectors of Australian industry on climate policy related issues. Alex is now undertaking consulting and has perfected the downward dog.

Dr Annette Katelaris

Dr Annette Katelaris – Education

Dr Annette Katelaris is an Associate Professor and founding Director of Professional Medical Education at the University of Sydney School of Medicine. Over the last decade, Annette has worked in academia and medical publishing and was formerly the Editor of the Medical Journal of Australia. She was a practising general practitioner for more than 20 years and is the co-developer of Juno Childsafe, a novel child safety device for the storage of medications while in use. She also contributed to the establishment of the Australian Clinical Trials Alliance.

Snezna Kerekovic

Snezna Kerekovic – Public Relations

Snezna Kerekovic is a health care communications marketing expert, having worked in the pharmaceutical and consumer health care industries for over 25 years a. Her experience spans both journalism and PR, working as an editor of pharmaceutical press before launching and running her own successful PR agency and working as health care practice director for a global PR agency. Her passion is in driving strategy and creative to deliver cut-through campaigns for both the highly regulated pharmaceutical and consumer health and wellness industries. She is currently consulting to the industry.

Scott Knowles

Scott Knowles – Education

Scott has more than 20 years of medical communications, publishing and digital health experience gained from a variety of commercial environments. These range from academic publishing through to healthcare communications and medical writing. Scott specialised in medical education where he held various program director positions with some of Australia’s most well-known healthcare communication agencies.

In 2007 Scott moved into the world of clinical software and digital health. He is currently Product Manager for The AusDI medicines information platform and Clinical Content division at MedicalDirector. Scott has an academic background in chemistry as well as journalism and was an RACGP Accredited Provider of QA&CPD programs from 2001 – 2007.

Gary Pattinson

Gary Pattinson – Marketing

Gary is an experienced business leader with a strong track record in senior health communications agency roles across Australia and the UK, spanning more than 20 years.

His career began in the UK within the medical communications industry before he made his way to Australia in 2007 as the leader of an agency launching innovative products and services across the spectrum of health communications.

Gary has worked across most therapeutic areas and has worked with almost all big pharma, OTC, animal health and biotech.

Gary leads Commune Digital across the region, and is responsible for agency delivery, process, quality and overall client service.

Ian Willoughby

Ian Willoughby – Education

Ian has worked in the healthcare communications industry for over twenty years within major pharmaceutical companies and healthcare advertising and medical education businesses, both in the UK and Australia.

He has experience over a wide range of specialist, general practice and consumer health areas and has led the development of programmes over a broad range of communication channels.

Having served as a previous Chairman of the Healthcare Communications Council, Ian has proactively represented the healthcare communications industry, providing leadership and guidance for the development of creative campaigns to improve patient outcomes.

Nayana Wade

Nayana Wade – Marketing

Nayana is a healthcare market research expert. Over the years, she has successfully helped companies launch their product or regain market share they had lost.

Nayana provides brand teams with a complete picture of the challenges they need to tackle – from defining the business issue to providing its solution. She doesn’t take the term ‘actionable insights’ lightly – she lives and breathes it. In fact, she even goes beyond the insights and helps her clients action them.

Nayana wanted to re-shape the face of market research in the pharmaceutical industry by bringing innovations she learned from other industries. It is with that aspiration at heart that she founded HUMMINGBIRD INSIGHT.

Ultimately, Nayana wants to help pharmaceutical companies bring innovations to the Australian people so they can live a better and longer life.